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The Coastal Fisheries Programme (CFP) is one of two programmes that make up the Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystem (FAME) Division of SPC, the other one being the Oceanic Fisheries Programme. The CFP’s goal is: “coastal fisheries, nearshore fisheries and aquaculture in Pacific Island Countries and Territories are managed and developed sustainably”. The CFP is made up of three sections: Aquaculture, Nearshore Fisheries Development and Coastal Fisheries Science and Management.


1st SPC Regional Technical Meeting on Coastal Fisheries (28 Nov–1 Dec 2017)


The first SPC RTMCF meeting has been arranged to address some specific outcomes as agreed by representatives at the Tenth Heads of Fisheries Meeting held in Noumea in March 2017. It also links back to the New Song and the direction set out in this document, as well as assisting with providing the much needed information for reporting to Leaders under the annual Coastal Fisheries Report Card. Again, the overarching theme is to address the data shortages in coastal fisheries in support of better resource management.


SPC Fisheries Newsletter #153


In 2016, scientists from the Pacific Community estimated that bigeye tuna stocks in the western and central Pacific were ‘overfished and overfishing was still occurring’. In 2017, according to the latest assessment that was undertaken by the same group of scientists: ‘bigeye tuna stock is not overfished and overfishing is not occurring’. Nature can be generous, but such a rapid change in the assessment cannot only be due to good fortune and it requires further explanation. John Hampton, SPC Chief Scientist (Oceanic Fisheries), explains the situation in detail in his excellent article ‘What is going on with bigeye tuna?’


Waterproof ID cards for Samoa marine reserves


Marine reserves are an important tool for fisheries management in Samoa. They are also used for the devolpment of ecotourism activities on the islands. To facilitate the identification of marine species in these reserves, Samoa Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has developed waterproof ID cards, with the assistance of FAO and SPC, which will used in educational and awareness raising activities.

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2017 Coastal and Tuna Report Cards


The Coastal and Tuna Fishery Report Cards provide annual high-level reporting on the current status of Pacific coastal and tuna fisheries in relation to the goals, indicators and strategies adopted in the Regional Roadmap for Sustainable Pacific Fisheries. The Report Cards, which were initiated in 2015, provide a snapshot to enable fisheries stakeholders and political leaders to monitor progress on implementing the Roadmap established by the Forum Leaders to allow the development of a programme supporting real, measurable results within five years. 


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