Number 119 (October–December 2006)

Produced by the Information Section, Marine Resources Division, SPC, B.P. D5, 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia. Fax: (687) 263818.

Produced with financial assistance from France, Australia and New Zealand


Welcome to this last issue of the SPC Fisheries Newsletter for 2006. In this issue, an update of the Solomon Islands marine aquaculture is given. The Solomon Islands Aquaculture Division of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources will soon implement its Strategic Plan for 2007–2010 and this activity will be supported by an NZAID-funded institutional strengthening project.

Jean-Paul Gaudechoux
Fisheries Information Adviser
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In this issue


Aquaculture Section

• 2nd SPC Regional Aquaculture Meeting, New Caledonia (20-24th November 2006)
• Regional workshop on genetic management and improvement in aquaculture
• Update on grouper aquaculture at the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Northern Fisheries Centre, Cairns, Australia
• Tropical crustacean aquaculture research at James Cook University
• Solomon Islands marine aquaculture update
• Crayfish farming in New Caledonia: A fast developing rural activity
• Oyster farming in New Caledonia

Nearshore Fisheries development and Training Section

• Third Sea Safety bulletin published
• Third regional course for fishing vessel skippers held in Nelson
• 2006 tuna skippers course in Nelson, New Zealand
• DEVFISH project activity
• Fisheries Development Officer, Steve Beverly, visits Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, to deploy FADs
• In brief

Fisheries Management Section

• National workshop on the Community-based Fisheries Management Programme
• Coastal Fisheries Management Programme in the Solomon Islands
• First phase of fisheries statistics and stock assessment training successfully completed

Reef Fisheries Observatory

• Survey work in Papua New Guinea
• Solomon Islands: Marovo-Chubikopi village
• Activities back in Noumea

• Baby fish "smell their way home"
• Aquaculture development advances in American Samoa
• Sandfish hatchery techniques manual
• Suva Harbour Foundation
Fish Aggregating Devices: The Okinawan/Pacific experience, by William Sokimi (pdf: )
Deep-setting longline technique for bycatch mitigation tested in Hawaii, by Steve Beverly (pdf: )
The Live Reef Fish Trade in the Pacific: A look at recent trends and developments, by Being M. Yeeting (pdf: )

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