Number 117 (April–June 2006)

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Successive meetings of the Standing Committee on Tuna and Billfish, and most recently the inaugural meeting of the Scientific Committee of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, have recommended that a new large-scale tagging project, focusing on bigeye tuna, yellowfin tuna, and skipjack tuna, be carried out to provide new information that will increase the certainty in the assessment of these fish stocks.

The tagging data generated by the project will be incorporated directly into stock assessment analyses and will provide data on medium- to large-scale tuna movements. As the first phase of this regional project, tagging will be conducted in the exclusive economic zone of Papua New Guinea (PNG), using a chartered pole-and-line vessel. The first of two three-month tagging cruises in PNG is scheduled to begin in mid-August 2006. The second cruise will occur from March to June 2007. We will keep Fisheries Newsletter readers informed on the progress of this new project.

Jean-Paul Gaudechoux
Fisheries Information Adviser

In this issue

Nearshore Fisheries Development and Training Section

• Merging of two sections of SPC's Coastal Fisheries Programme
• Practical component of the SPC/NMIT Fisheries Officers Course
• DEVFISH project update
• Training needs assessments in Polynesia and Papua New Guinea
• Other activities of the Nearshore Development and Training Section
• Identification tool for horizontal longline fishermen distributed

Aquaculture Section

• 17th NACA Governing Council Meeting, Tehran, I. R. Iran
• FAO Global Aquaculture Review and Synthesis, Guangdong, China
• Regional mariculture workshop, Guangdong, China
• Aquaculture highlights from Papua New Guinea
• Fiji Freshwater Aquaculture Industry Association
• Mud crab study tour
• Symposium on fish ponds in farming systems, Can Tho University, Vietnam
• Mozambique tilapia eradication and initiation of Nile tilapia pond culture in Nauru

Reef Fisheries Observatory

• PROCFish/C mid-term evaluation
• Workshop on mapping marine habitats
• Fieldwork in the Federated States of Micronesia
• FAO/SPC regional workshop on improving information on the status and trends of fisheries

Oceanic Fisheries Programme

• Regional Tuna Tagging Project - Phase I: Papua New Guinea

• An ethic for marine science: thoughts on receiving the International Cosmos Prize
• US designates "World's largest" MPA in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
• Restaurant seafood prices since 1850s help plot marine harvests through History
Hooks used in longline fishing, by Steve Beverly (pdf: )
General bathymetry of the Pacific Ocean, by Franck Magron (pdf: )

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