Number 115 (January–March 2006)

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Welcome to the latest issue of the SPC Fisheries Newsletter for 2005. One of the highlights of the last quarter has been the publication of the long-awaited book on ciguatera fish poisoning, “Ciguatera, a Field Reference Guide”.

Acknowledging the importance of this issue to Pacific Island communities, the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and the Institute of Research for Development (IRD) decided to jointly produce a field guide reviewing the current knowledge on the matter. It is hoped that this joint effort between the two organisations will enable fisheries managers in the region to better understand the causes of ciguatera fish poisoning and manage the problem, learning to live with the risk while reducing it to the absolute minimum.

Jean-Paul Gaudechoux
Fisheries Information Adviser

In this issue

Fisheries Development Section

• Technical assistance provided to the National Fisheries College in Kavieng, PNG
• Input to a corporate planning exercise in the Solomon Islands
• DEVFISH update
• Set Your Longline Deep brochure

Training Section

• "Start Your Fishing Business" training in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu - an update
• Seafood company managers upgrade skills
• Fisheries Training Section - In Brief

Aquaculture Section

• Aiyura hatchery review
• SPC involvement in FAO and NACA meetings in Ramsar, Iran
• Mud crab study tour to the Philippines
• SPC regional pearl meeting
• Regional seaweed meeting benchmarks status of production and explores opportunities for collaboration
• National Freshwater Aquaculture Awareness Workshop (Santo) and National Aquaculture Sector Planning Workshop (Port Vila) held in Vanuatu

• FAO award for model aquaculturist from Vanuatu
• Major tuna conference concludes in Pohnpei
• NOAA predicts weak La Nina
Survey of fishing activities in Tokelau, Lindsay Chapman, Kim Des Rochers, and Mose Pelasio (pdf: )
A quiet achiever: Aquaculture in the Pacific , Ben Ponia (pdf:
Catching eels in Pacific Island countries and territories , Satya Nandlal (pdf: )

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