First SPC Regional Technical Meeting on Coastal Fisheries

(November 28 to December 1 2017 - Noumea, New Caledonia)


Session 1 - The big picture – Sustainable coastal fisheries management
Chapman L. (Pacific Community)

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Session 1 - What type of data do we need to collect and what for ?
Bertram I. (Pacific Community)

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Session 1 - Economic data in support of viable fisheries and policy making
James P. (Pacific Community)

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Session 1 - Data collection systems for coastal fisheries and aquaculture
Magron F. (Pacific Community)

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Session 1 - American Samoa presentation
Mata'afa-Samau C. (Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources)

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Session 1 - Cook Islands: National report
Wichman M. (Ministry of Marine Resources)

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Session 1 - Fiji: Aspects of Inshore Fisheries Data
Veeran R. (Fiji Ministry of Fisheries)

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Session 1 - Federated States of Micronesia Presentation
Martin V. (FSM National Government )

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Session 1 - Guam Coastal Fisheries Data Collection
Tibbatts B. (Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources)

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Session 1 - Kiribati presentation
Toto F., Itimwemwe I. (Kiribati Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development)

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Session 1 - Marshall Islands: Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Data Collection
Edwards F. (MIMRA)

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Session 1 - Nouvelle-Calédonie: Les données halieutiques
Bourgine L., Ducroq M., Fao B., Humuni H. (Nouvelle-Calédonie: SPE, DDR, DDDE, DEI)

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Session 1 - Palau presentation
Rechelluul P. (Bureau of Marine Resources Ministry of Natural Resources Environment and Tourism of Palau)

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Session 1 - Polynésie française
Pere M., Verducci M. (Polynésie française: Direction des Ressources marines et minières)

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Session 1 - Samoa: Innovation in support of Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Data Collection and Use
Tiitii U. (Samoa Fisheries Division)

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Session 1 - Solomon Islands Inshore Data
Masu R. (Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources )

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Session 1 - Tokelau presentation
Rikim K. (Department of Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment)

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Session 1 - Tonga presentation
Malimali S. (Ministry of Fisheries)

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Session 1 - Tuvalu - Top issues in coastal fisheries data collections
Alefaio S. (Fisheries Department)

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Session 1 - Vanuatu: Coastal fisheries data
Kaltavara J. (Vanuatu Fisheries Department)

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Session 1 - Wallis et Futuna - Système d’information halieutique
Wallis et Futuna : Service de la pêche et de gestion des ressources marines

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Session 2 - TAILS for community-based collection of coastal fisheries data
Hunt A. (Pacific Community)

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Session 2 - FAD and reef fisheries e-monitoring in Vanuatu and Fiji with TAILS: Kadavu data collection program

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Session 2 - How monitoring led to management in Tuvalu
(Tuvalu Fisheries Department)

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Session 2 - Vanuatu Community Marine Monitoring Toolkit
Kaltavara J. (Vanuatu Fisheries Departement)

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Session 3 - Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) aquaculture and fisheries data, Survey Solutions
Sharp M. (Pacific Community)

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Session 3 - Coastal population mapping
Bright P. (Pacific Community)

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Session 3 - Estimating and managing spawning potential
Prince J. (WWF-Pacific, Biospherics Ltd)

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Session 4 - What is the available data storage for coastal fisheries and aquaculture at SPC ?
Magron F. (Pacific Community)

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Session 4 - Systems and analysis undertaken by NGOs - experience from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
Mangubhai (Wildlife Conservation Society)

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Session 5 - Regional standardisation of coastal fisheries and aquaculture data – institutional aspects
D'Andrea A., Brogan D. (Pacific Community)

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Session 5 - A framework for coastal fisheries and aquaculture data governance - legal aspects
D'Andrea (Pacific Community)

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Session 5 - Coastal monitoring, control, surveillance and enforcement (MCS&E) data collection
Bertram I., Freeman I. (Pacific Community)

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Session 6 - SPC and the challenges of information dissemination and exchange in the Pacific Islands region
Desurmont A. (Pacific Community)

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Session 6 - The experience of the Vanuatu Curriculum Development Unit
Nilwo F. (Vanuatu Ministry of Education)

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