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 We are Papua New Guinea's  Central Statistical Agency with a mission to provide a full range of relevant and timely statistics on population, social and economic activities for the National Executive, State Agencies, Business and Individuals so as to provide the basis for information, decision making, research and discussion within community

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2000 Census Preliminary Figures Publication
Price: K20.00

This product basically provides a quick way or summary for persons and households at the national, provincial, district and statistical LLG area level. The product is a preliminary one to the 2000 Final Figures.   

2000 Census Final Figures Publication
Price: K20.00

The 2000 Census Final Figures booklet is a quick and easy way of informing the public about the population of the country at the national, provincial, district and the statistical LLG area. The numbers published have been finalized after extensive checking and editing were carried.

PNG Census 2000 National Report
Price: K30.00

The 2000 Census National Report provides a commentary on the 2000 census information and is written and formatted differently to past census books. The presentation is simple and users are able to quickly see the trends over the past decades easily. The needs of the general users especially have been taken on board during the design stage of the publication.

The National Report is a rich source of socio-economic information and other demographic characteristics at the national level. All the major topics of the 2000 census on population growth, distribution and composition, migration, education and literacy, economic activity and other supporting technical notes have been included for easy application and references.  

PNG Census 2000 Provincial Report
Price: K25.00/province

The product comes in a series of provincial reports that form part of the major public release from the 2000 Census. It provides information based on the Basic Tables in the form of statistical tables and graphs with descriptive comments to assist users in interpreting and using the census data. The main focus in the citizen population who were enumerated in private dwellings.

The report provides information about the provincial population and its social characteristics. In addition, there are chapters on migration, education, economic activities, and household activities and housing status.

PNG 2000 Census Unit Register
Price: K20.00

This is a newly developed product by the NSO. The register is one of the series (one for each province) showing the final population figures by the census geographic areas from the 2000 Census after extensive editing and checking. The additional information in the register is the number of households and population by sex. 

For census purposes, PNG was divided into a number of geographical areas to facilitate both the conduct of the census and dissemination of census data to users. The lowest unit for census data collection is a 'census  unit' (CU). A CU is a distinct identifiable population unit, which was given a unique number (code). It is part of the hierarchical coding structure that begins with the Province and the followed by District, "Statistical Local Level Government (LLG)" areas, Ward and Census Unit. 

1. Basic Tables - National Level
2. Basic Tables - National Level - Rural Sector
3. Basic Tables - National Level - Urban Sector
4. Basic Tables - Provincial Level - (for each province)
5. Basic Tables - Provincial Level - Rural (for each province)
6. Basic Tables - Provincial Level - Urban (for each province)


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