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Monday, 11 July 2011 16:17

Partnerships for AHD Fiji

National In Service Training for Nurses

This was a National program for Nurses whereby AHD program was one of the highlights to orientate nurses managers on Adolescent Health Development activities implementation in all subdivisions. Advocate AHD to about 65 Nurse Managers.

Most of them are new ones who have just taken over from the retired ones) from the Hospital & Public Health settings throughout the country.

The recommendation at the end of the session was to support the integration of AHD in the mainstream health services as well as the close supervision & support for Peer Educators in the division.

    National In-Service Training For Nurses
  • Co-Cola Games & Condom Distribution
  • Networking for SENPEF (Strengthening & Empowerment Network of Peer Educators Forum)
  • No Drugs, Stop Child Abuse
  • Review: HIV in the Workplace Policy
  • Public Service Commission Week— ASRH information sharing
  • YWCA Workshop
  • Family Life Education - A school-based preventive program for youth in school


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