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Tuesday, 12 July 2011 08:26

Meeting with CDU Counterparts: Integration of Family Life Education.


This meeting was conducted at the Ministry of Education in the Curriculum Division’s conference room with the Principal Educational Officer for Secondary Schools, Mr Gauga Wong and Mr Passi Levi, Curriculum Officer in Health and Physical Education together with the Ministry of Health interim RHCS Officer Howard Leiataua, and myself, Maria Ah Dar, AHD Coordinator.

The main aim of this meeting was to find out exactly where Family Life Education (FLE) lies within the context of the Ministry of Education’s Programs, as previous AHD reports revealed several negotiations were made between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and some NGOs in trying to Integrate Family Life Education into School Curriculum.

According to Mr Wong, Family Life Education program proposal was a long standing matter, it was known at that time as Sex Education. It was in 1999 that an initial proposal was put forward to the Ministry of Education by the Samoa Family Health Association, then Ministry of Health, for sexual reproductive health to be integrated into the School Curriculum as a subject of its own.

Several negotiations were made regarding this matter, however the Ministry of Education still hesitated to take this matter forward because it’s a sensitive issue and hence needed the consent from the parents. The feedback from the parents was negative, as they did not want their children to be taught of sex in school and based from that result; the Ministry of Education put a hold on that matter. However, in 2003, the Ministry of Education officially merged the Health with the Physical Education together and thus became one subject called “Health and Physical Education” and in this subject, Sexual reproductive health is included and is taught in year 9 – year 13 or an age group of 13 – 18 years.


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