Learning about climate change the Pacific way

A picture based education resource for students, teachers and facilitators.

It introduces Pasifika as an imaginary island that is nowhere but everywhere. Pacific learners and explorers can find local buildings, plants, animals, people and geographical features they can relate to. The guides have been produced for Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu in close partnership with these countries. The information is also relevant to all Pacific Island countries and territories.



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A visual guide



The visual guide has 16 pictures showing the water cycle, Pacific and global climate, causes of climate change, the changing climate of five Pacific island countries and mitigation and adaptation in a town and in gardening, forestry and fishing. Picture 8 on changing climate is specific to each country. All other pictures can be used in any Pacific island country


Downloadable pdfs of visual guides
Fiji Complete (15.5mb) Part 1 (6.5mb) Part 2 (9mb)
Kiribati Complete (15.6mb) Part 1 (6.7mb) Part 2 (8.9mb)
Samoa Complete (15.5mb) Part 1 (6.6mb) Part 2 (8.9mb)
Tonga Complete (15.6mb) Part 1 (6.6mb) Part 2 (9mb)
Vanuatu Complete (15.8mb) Part 1 (6.7mb) Part 2 (9.1mb)



A guide for Pacific teachers



The teacher guides that go with the visual guide are in English. Each picture is described and suggestions are made on how to use it. Background information and hands-on teaching activities are provided. The guides include links to the school curricula of Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu.



Downloadable pdfs of teacher guides 
Fiji Complete  (4.1mb)
Kiribati Complete  (4.4mb)
Samoa Complete  (5mb)
Tonga Complete  (4.2mb)
Vanuatu Complete  (4.3mb)