Sylvie Goyet

Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Director

Sylvie has been Director, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change at SPC since September 2015.

Prior to joining SPC, she was the Director General of FIBA – Fondation Internationale du Banc d’Arguin, a private Swiss foundation working in West Africa on coastal and marine issues. While at FIBA, she also presided and led the transforming of the regional West Africa Coastal and Marine Regional Programme (PRCM) into a large partnership, helped operationalize the regional MPA network RAMPAO and construct the BACoMaB Conservation Trust Fund (Mauritania) as its first President.

Sylvie held previous positions as the Regional Coordinator of the UNOPS/UNDP/GEF MedWetCoast project (France), Programme Manager at WWF International (Switzerland), Programme Officer at UNDP Black Sea Programme (Turkey), UNEP Caspian Sea Programme (Azerbaidjan), and UNDP Suva (Fiji).

Sylvie is a French and Swiss citizen, holds a Master degree in Environmental Management from the University of London, an MBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master in International Business from the Business Management School of Lyon.

Sylvie presently serves on the Board of the BioGuine Foundation (Guinee Bissau) and of the Wild Touch Association (France), on the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. She is an Executive Committee member of the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) and an instructor for the MOOC ‘Gestion des Aires Protégées’ at Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne.


Raphael Billé
RESCCUE Project Coordinator

Raphaël joined SPC in January 2014 to take on the position of RESCCUE Project Coordinator. Before that, he led for 7 years the development and management of both Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation programmes at IDDRI – a Paris-based, non-profit think tank undertaking independent research and providing innovative policy solutions. In this capacity he planned and supervised activities on a wide variety of topics ranging from high seas biodiversity governance to tropical deforestation, from climate adaptation policies to biodiversity economics and coastal zone management.

Holding a PhD in environmental management (AgroParisTech) and two masters in urban & regional planning and environmental economics, Raphaël started his career as Scientific Attaché at the French Embassy in Pakistan, before joining UNDP in Indonesia as a Junior Professional Officer. Raphaël later established himself as an independent consultant and was contracted mainly by IUCN, bilateral cooperation agencies and international organisations.


Jean-Baptiste Marre
RESCCUE Project Deputy Coordinator

Jean-Baptiste joined SPC in August 2014 to take on the position of RESCCUE Project Officer. Before that, he completed a joint PhD in Environmental Economics between the University of Western Britany and Queensland University of Technology. His research was about the economic valuation of coastal and marine ecosystem services in support of decision-making, with applications in New Caledonia and Australia. He notably collaborated with Ifremer, CSIRO and various universities in Australia, and with the French Initiative for Coral Reefs (Ifrecor).

Holding a master degree in Environmental and Sustainable Development Economics (AgroParisTech), Jean-Baptiste started his career as a research assistant at IRD. He also worked as a consultant at the Centre of Industrial Economics (CERNA), MinesParisTech, where he contributed to two macroeconomic studies for the World Bank on natural capital and sustainable growth.

His key expertise areas include environmental and ecological economics, ecosystem services and natural capital assessment, integrated coastal management, marine protected areas management and governance, economic valuation and in particular non-market valuation.


Aude Chenet
Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

Aude has been responsible for SPC’s environmental responsibility at the corporate level since 2013. This includes developing and implementing SPC’s greenhouse gases emission reduction policy and more broadly working to decrease SPC’s environmental footprint as well as informing and mobilising staff on how each of them can take action. She is also a trained meeting facilitator and uses this ability to help various stakeholders share experience and make progress together on thorny environmental issues.

Holding a Masters degree in environmental and water management, Aude started her Pacific experience in 2003 as a project manager for the Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International (FSPI). Since then, she hold various positions in the environment sector in Micronesia (Kiribati , Marshall Islands), Melanesia (Fiji, New Caledonia) and Polynesia (Wallis and Futuna).



Margot Mesnard
Administrative Assistant

Margot joined SPC in April 2016 to take on the position of Programme Assistant in the Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Programme which includes an administration and finance support role to the CCES Programme and the Director, to the RESCCUE project and to the Strategy, Performance and Learning Unit. Before that, she contributed for 2 years to the set up and launch of the first Caribbean Diplomatic Academy at the University of the West Indies.

Holding joint Masters’ degree in International Cooperation and Development (Sciences Po Bordeaux) and specialized on Small Islands Developing States, Margot started her career as an assistant to the Delegation of the European Union to the Eastern Caribbean and to UNDP in Trinidad and Tobago. She worked mainly on gender and climate-change mainstreaming projects and held coordination and personal assistance positions.



Peggy Roudaut
INTEGRE Project Co-ordinator

Peggy joined SPC in September 2016 to co-ordinate INTEGRE.  Prior to that she had worked at the Regional Co-operation and External Relations Department under the Office of the President of the New Caledonian Government from 2016 to 2017, where she was in charge of co-operation and New Caledonia’s regional integration with the countries of the Pacific, specifically handling New Caledonia’s relations with the European Union.  Her duties included acting as the EDF Authorising Officer, managing EU-funded projects in New Caledonia in various areas ranging from research and innovation to employment and training as well as the environment and natural resources.  She had previously been with the New Caledonia Economic Observatory after starting her career as a consultant with a Paris-based consultancy firm.  She was trained in political science and international relations, earning a magister from Sorbonne University (Paris I) and was also awarded master’s degrees in geography and history.


Yolaine Bouteiller
INTEGRE Deputy Project Co-ordinator for New Caledonia

Yolaine joined SPC in November 2013 as the INTEGRE Deputy Project Co-ordinator for New Caledonia.  Prior to working at SPC, she had been with the Southern Province Environment Department co-ordinating several protected areas.  From 2007 to 2011, Yolaine was a Research Officer at the Ecology Ministry in mainland France, where she contributed her skills to environmental impact studies of plans, programmes and projects and worked on land-take and habitat-network issues.  Yolaine is an agricultural scientist specialising in the environment and biodiversity management (AgroParisTech, 1998) and holds a master’s degree in botany from the University of Reading (UK, 2000).  She began her career as a LIFE-Nature project monitoring and evaluation officer for the European Commission (2001-2007).


Julie Petit
INTEGRE Deputy Project Co-ordinator, Wallis & Futuna

Julie joined SPC in November 2013 as INTEGRE Deputy Project Co-ordinator for Wallis & Futuna.  She had previously been recruited to work at CRIOBE (Island Research Centre and Environmental Observatory) as a project engineer for ReefBase French Polynesia.  While based at CRIOBE, Julie worked on French overseas territory reef biodiversity and was involved in numerous projects with French Polynesian and international ministries and organisations, such as the Marine Protected Area Agency, French Coral Reef Initiative and French National Natural History Museum.   Julie holds a master’s degree in the Mediterranean environment and sustainable development, majoring in aquatic and marine environment mechanisms and management, and began her career as a research assistant at the Tropical and Mediterranean Biology and Ecology Centre.  She has worked for the European BIOMEX Programme and on processing and setting up various research programmes, including facilitating an international research project in the South Pacific.


Caroline Vieux
INTEGRE Deputy Project Co-ordinator, French Polynesia

Caroline joined SPC in November 2013 as the INTEGRE Deputy Project Co-ordinator for French Polynesia. Prior to that she had worked as the Coral Reef Management Officer at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP), Samoa, from 2007 to 2011.  She began her career as the “Polynesia Mana” Coral Reef Monitoring Network Co-ordinator, based at the Island Research Centre and Environmental Observatory (CRIOBE) on Moorea, French Polynesia from 2004 to 2006.  Caroline trained as a marine biologist and broadened her skills and interests to include the social sciences by becoming increasingly involved in the participatory management of natural resources and local development.



Gaetane Faion
INTEGRE Project Assistant

Gaétane joined INTEGRE at SPC in May 2014 as an administrative, financial and communication assistant while also assisting RESCCUE for a year.  In addition to her initial experience at SPC as a project administrator (2008-2010) and main support officer for the Pacific Islands HIV and STI Response Fund’s independent committee, Gaétane had also worked in previous years in several areas including as a librarian and economic information adviser at the New Caledonia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, pathology laboratory assistant and customer consultant at Banque de Nouvelle-Calédonie as well as an executive secretary and procurement assistant in a mining company.  Gaétane holds a bachelor degree in foreign languages and literature and contributes her multi-skilled background and energy to the INTEGRE team and programme.