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How We Do It
At the CETC, the main regional training activities are:
  1.  An annual certificate training programme in applied community development and management, offered at two qualifications levels (Certificate Level II and III).  This is targeted at women community workers, leaders and microentrepreneurs. 
  2.  A Business Advisory program which offers capacity building in the area of business development for micro and small enterprises as well as manages a network of business development services providers who comprise business trainers graduated from CETC’s enterprise development training. The program includes demand-driven refresher and new courses offered at regional, subregional level to Business facilitators and providers to enable them to assist micro and small business entrepreneurs. 
  3.  Other short and advanced courses offered throughout the year either as non residential or residential as pilots or as requested from SPC members.
At Country level, there are training activities based on country requests and targeted pilots of CETC curriculum packages.