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Training Programs and Advisory Services

The COMSEC Special Advisory Division supported national level training by taking the CEFE TOT to Tonga and Vanuatu in 2009. A CEFE master trainer conducted 12 – 14 days training in each country with Vanuatu’s pool of business trainers increased to over 30 and Tonga’s pool to 29. CETC now has close to 120 business trainers or facilitators stationed around 15 Pacific Countries. Further training of active business facilitators will be conducted in 2010.

Trainings planned for 2011 include the following:
1. Business Improvement Course, Regional – CETC, November, 2011
2. Business Improvement Course, Vanuatu, July/August, 2011
3. Start Your Business in Food Processing , Solomon Is, October 2011
4. Making Crafts Your Business,  Solomon (date to be confirmed)

National Business Training
The Vanuatu Department of Cooperative and Ni Vanuatu Business Development Program ran its first CEFE Training of Trainers in Vanuatu, this time in Santo and fully implemented by the Vanuatu Department of Cooperatives and Ni Vanuatu Business Development Services with sponsorship by the Vanuatu TVET program.  CETC provided support through the issuance of CEFE certificates.

The Tonga Business Enterprise Center is also keen for CETC to re-run its ‘Making Crafts Your Business’ training.  Discussion is underway on this. Part of the BDAP program for this year is analysing the employer survey  that CETC is conducting and develop market assessment and training needs tools for  MSMEs.  This will enable CETC to develop appropriate capacity building programs for MSMEs in the Pacific.  New course development will also continue in addition to sharing information and good practice on the MSME portal and CETC listserv network.

Joining the MSME trainers network
This is an active network of business development services and trainers in the Pacific that CETC manages.  It shares information and stories on MSME.  If you want to join, please send a note to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   and put in the subject matter ‘ want to join CEFE-TRAINERS NETWORK’.  The listserv address is  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  Check for updates on these training on this website news update section.

Advisory Services
This will be part of CETC’s Business Development Advisory Program which is linked to holding the hands of its pool of business development trainers and facilitators through capacity  building and  training in new areas so that they can provide advisory and technical support to micro and small business enterprises to grow.