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Mediation - Reassessment, Complaints
  1. A Trainee should be given only one reassessment. If she is still not able to achieve the required standard, then further training should be given before any more assessments are made. This does not involve re enrolment in a unit.
  2. Trainees must fully understand the assessment requirements. If a trainer believes that a reassessment has been unfair, she can discuss with the instructor and come to an agreement on an additional assessment without being required to undergo additional training.
  3. When a trainee continues to fail, or believes that there has been unfair process and wishes to make appeal against an assessment judgment or wishes to make a complaint against the assessor, she should then refer the matter to the Head.
  4. Major complaints against CETC training assessment should be addressed to the Manager of the Human Development Programme in the first instance. A complaint is to be considered ‘major’ if it in any way threatens to undermine the credibility of the CETC training program and qualification.
  5. The Manager would then notify the Head of the CETC and initiates an investigation.