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Community Education Training Centre

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The purposes of moderation are to provide assurances that

• assessment tasks are fair, valid and consistent (before assessment), and that
• judgments made by assessors are acceptable (during and after).

Internal moderation is carried out in two ways at CETC:

i) Peer moderation where each of the two instructors at CETC (who are also workplace assessors) carries out peer moderation activities with a particular focus on competencies that cross their subject lines and are jointly assessed.

ii) Independent moderation by the Head to seek verifications of trainees work for all the courses (original students work and evidence of work – photographs, videos, written or audio) including instructor’s assessment logbooks and marking schedules. Evidence will be required from a sample range of ‘failed’ to ‘high level’ of achievements. Photocopies of marked work or photographs or visuals taken of assessment tasks must be copied and keep in students work portfolios with originals returned to students after a suitable time. Students’ achievement of competencies are further assessed through the practical outreach to communities (for both Level II and Level III) and work placement (for Level III) towards the end of the program.