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Program Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation of the training program comes in two parts:

a. Internal

  1. Annual student assessment of course delivery and content are normally carried out through end of module/standard evaluations as well as end of course evaluations (ref. to course evaluation templates). This feeds into
  2. Annual course revisions and development carried out before the next course offering which is done internally by Management and teaching staff and often involves experts outside CETC in the relevant curriculum area.
  3. Regular Tracer Studies and graduate management networking using graduate exit plans – the tracer studies are implemented for returning students after 6 months of completion and uses an impact tracer survey. Graduates are also traced through the email-listserv network for graduates managed by CETC which enable ex-students from different years to share information on their graduate exit plans and work at home.

b. External

  1. As would be required by the national qualifications authority, the program would be subject to external review as part of the accreditation process. A revision to credits or level of the course would also require external moderation.
  2. An external review of the CETC program which, under SPC policy, is carried out every five years. Any strategic changes in the CETC program and in its wider human development strategic planning framework requires external scoping.