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Recognition of prior learning (RPL) and current competencies

CETC recognises current skills, knowledge and attitudes, regardless of how, when or where they were obtained.

Some of these could have been acquired from informal or non-formal training, or through work experience (paid/unpaid) or from everyday experiences.  

This is called Recognition of Prior Learning / Recognition of Current Competence RPL/RCC.  RPL processes can result in a full qualification or a statement of attainment, depending on what the candidate is seeking recognition for and the extent of their existing knowledge and experience.

Because CETC focuses only on a limited level of qualifications at certificate level, it will conduct RPL/RCC assessments to evaluate the credit that can be received from any previous education, training and employment, so as to determine the level of qualification or course to register in.  

For example, if the candidate has already worked in communities and has demonstrated certain knowledge and skills in the course to be undertaken, CETC will recognise this, through the RPL/RCC process.  This way, the number of standards needed to complete the qualification can be fewer.