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CETC 5 Decades of changing Women, changing families, changing communities, changing the Pacific.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) Community Education Training Centre or better known as CETC is celebrating this week its 50th golden anniversary.  CETC had its humble beginnings 50 years ago as a home economics course and has over the years developed after five decades into an award winning program in community development and business enterprise.

CETC is unique in that it is the only residential-program that has existed to provide technical and vocational training for women in the community development sector. It has been training women and entrepreneurs of the pacific communities in a comprehensive, regional capacity building program, the largest number of graduates being from Fiji. CETC was the recipient of the Fiji Business Excellence Award both in 2010 and 2012, the latter being in the Achievement category.  

The majority of the previous students now work in service agencies both in government and non-government sectors to contribute to their national development goals.  The CETC has achieved significant milestones over its 50 years of service to the Pacific island countries and the most recent ones are being the first ever training programme in Fiji to be registered and accredited under the Fiji Higher Education Commission and Fiji Qualifications Framework.

The 50th Anniversary celebration is programmed to run for four days starting today Monday 14th October and finishes with an Award Winning and graduation ball on Thursday evening to be held at the Holiday Inn.  Today starts off with special skills training for graduates coming from overseas on new skills areas over three days and the formal opening ceremony at SPC in Nabua.  The   50th Golden Jubilee Opening Ceremony includes a launch of three publications for the Centre, the key one is the History of the CETC compiled by Anne Moorehead.  It will take place at SPC FONO, Luke St. Nabua 5:30 – 10:00 pm  this Monday evening.

The celebration also includes the final graduation ceremony for 32 women from 13 countries and a graduation and awards ceremony dinner/ball at Holiday Inn in the same evening.  Graduates from the Pacific, former principals and staff as well as diplomatic missions and development partners are attending the key celebration events.

This celebration is a historical event for the CETC for it not only celebrates its 50 years of CETC’s changing the lives of women in the Pacific for the Pacific but it also marks the final offering of the programme under SPC before it is being transferred to the University of the South Pacific in January 2014.    CETC has played a vital capacity building role as the only residential program that has existed over the last 50 years to provide technical and vocational training for Pacific women in the community development sector.

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