Secretariat of Pacific Community's
Community Education Training Centre

About CETC and SPC

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Training facilities

CETC is well equipped with the following:

a) Training rooms include

  • a training hall holding up to a 100 people.
  • Smaller training room holding up to 60 people
  • computer laboratory with internet facilities
  • radio studio with live broadcast facilities
  • library/resource room
  • sewing room,
  • foods training and catering room
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b) Annexes comprising
  • a dining hall and kitchen
  • an island kitchen equipped with outdoor cooking facilities, laundry machines and recreational area
  • archives room
  • a public ablution block sporting toilets for both genders with wheelchair access
  • an agricultural tools storeroom

c) An Administration block featuring
  • staff rooms
  • the main office
  • store room
  • conference room
  • staff tea room
  • ablution units

d) Other facilities including

  • a Multi-purpose tennis court
  • An Aquaculture facility (fishpond)
  • 2 three and half bedroomed staff houses with storage rooms
  • Generator
  • Greenhouse
  • Security guardhouse
e) Appropriate technologies

  • Drum/smokeless ovens
  • Solar dryer panels