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Employer Surveys
In 2010, CETC piloted  an employer survey of agencies employing students and those who are potential employers and servicing the community development sector to ensure the relevance of CETC training by assessing market demands and other skills required for the community development and informal sector.
The survey is part of a demand driven approach to CETC’s program planning. In 2011, CETC fully implemented full the employer survey.
Before, CETC relied on anecdotal requests from countries, students views through course evaluations, regional and SPC priorities and its own external reviews for the revision and development of its annual program.
The employer survey was conducted by email and fax. It included civil societies and government agencies.
A total number of 26 agencies participated from 13 countries out of 31 approached.
This represents 84% of the target service agencies working in the community development sector from the 13 countries surveyed.
The survey also included two regional agencies carrying out some community development work.
The objective of the survey is to:  
i) survey the Training Needs of employers (current and potential)
ii) gauge Employers satisfaction  and Work Readiness of employees by looking at 
- training relevance  – relevance of the CETC training for work
- competency development – assessment of CETC    competency developed in the training
Results of the survey will be finalised by end of 2011 and will be used to inform CETC annual and medium term program planning.