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CETC continues to pilot new courses as well as other initiatives.  These apply to both  the community development and business development programs.  Planned for 2010 is the piloting of an enterprise stream for the Community Development Certificate program, refresher upgrade courses on business development for MSMEs, as well as sector specific support and training for the handicraft and food processing sectors for pilot countries. 

The following courses were developed based on needs and piloted in 2010: 

‘Improving Your business’ for microentrepreneurs and small business operators and Business facilitators – November 2010, Suva

 ‘Making Crafts Your Business’- October 2010, Tonga

‘Start your Business in Food Processing’, Pohnpei, FSM.

In 2011, Making Crafts Your Business was run for Crafters and handicraft Operators in Vava’u, Tonga.  Start Your business in Food Processing will be run in the Solomon Islands in November.