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The Coastal Fisheries Programme (CFP) is one of two programmes that make up the Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystem (FAME) Division of SPC, the other one being the Oceanic Fisheries Programme. The CFP’s goal is: “coastal fisheries, nearshore fisheries and aquaculture in Pacific Island Countries and Territories are managed and developed sustainably”. The CFP is made up of three sections: Aquaculture, Nearshore Fisheries Development and Coastal Fisheries Science and Management.


SPC Fisheries Newsletter #151


In the highlands of Monsavu, in the centre of Viti Levu, Fiji, the people of Rewasau have almost no access to reef fish because of the remoteness and inaccessibility of their village. However, an industrious group of women have set up small tilapia farms, and they use the fish not only to put food on village tables, but also to pay for services, because, as Tim Pickering explains, ‘… fish is a much sought-after source of protein for people in the highlands’


SPC Policy Brief on eel protection and utilisation


The aim of this policy brief is to provide advice to Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) on:

  1. conservation and utilisation of freshwater eels Anguilla spp. (tuna, duna, etc.) as an emerging issue; and 
  2. policy actions, management strategies, and fishery research activities for conservation and sustainable utilisation of freshwater eels.


Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin #27

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In this issue, the first article relates to the Fijian supply chain and marketing of the seagrapes, Caulerpa racemosa. The authors, Cherie Morris and Shirleen Bala, describe the harvesting and marketing sites for Caulerpa. Approximately 70% of the crop is from the Yasawa Islands in the Western Division. It is sold in a number of urban markets, with the main municipal market located in Suva. Caulerpa is sold by portion (heaps), at prices ranging from FJD 2.00–4.00 (≈ USD 1.00–2.00) per heap, the weight of which ranges from 250–300 grams..


Identification guide to the common coastal food fishes of the Pacific Islands region



This identification guide has been produced by SPC to assist fisheries officers with the identification of the common coastal food fishes encountered in catches or during market surveys. The guide contains approximately 320 of the most commonly targeted coastal sharks, rays and bony fishes in the Pacific Islands region. Catches of coastal finfish in the Pacific Island countries and territories are typically characterised by a wide variety of species from many different taxonomic families.


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