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The Coastal Fisheries Programme (CFP) is one of two programmes that make up the Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystem (FAME) Division of SPC, the other one being the Oceanic Fisheries Programme. The CFP’s goal is: “coastal fisheries, nearshore fisheries and aquaculture in Pacific Island Countries and Territories are managed and developed sustainably”. The CFP is made up of three sections: Aquaculture, Nearshore Fisheries Development and Coastal Fisheries Science and Management.


Three new management plans for Vanuatu


The Vanuatu Fisheries Department, in collaboration with FFA and SPC, prepared three new management plans related to sharks, tuna fishery and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Download Doc. 1 (3.7 Mo), Doc. 2 (1.8 Mo) and Doc. 3 (2.5 Mo)

SPC Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information Bulletin #35


This edition contains four contributions. The first, “Local benefits of community-based management: Using small managed areas to rebuild and sustain some coastal fisheries”, by Glenn Almany and three co-authors, begins by discussing the scientific evidence that underpins the theory that marine reserves can play an important role in precautionary fisheries management. Marine reserves are then discussed in a western Pacific context, highlighting some costs and benefits that coastal communities may consider when establishing one on their traditional fishing grounds...


Two new fish posters for Palau


Two posters showing close to a 100 different fish species have been produced for Palau by FAME's Information Section in collaboration of Palau Bureau of Marine Resources. The first poster is dedicated to reef fish species, while the second one concentrates on coastal and oceanic pelagic species, as well as deep botom snappers and associated species. For each species, the scientific, English and Palauan names are given. The posters will be mostly used for educational and awareness purposes in Palau.

Download poster 1 (2.5 Mb) and poster 2 (2.5 Mb)

SPC Fisheries Newsletter #146


In the Pacific Island region, it is estimated that: 1) coastal fisheries resources provide the primary or secondary source of income for up to 50 per cent of households and 50–90 per cent of the animal-sourced protein consumed; 2) most coastal fish and invertebrate resources – at least all those accessible to coastal communities – are over-exploited or exploited to their limits; and 3) the population of many Pacific Island countries is growing rapidly and consequently the need for proteins is also growing.


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