Number 113 (April–June 2005)

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Welcome to this issue of the SPC Fisheries Newsletter. In this issue, you will find an article describing the final results of the FAD research project, where community surveys were conducted three times each in Niue, Aitutaki and Rarotonga. The main outcome shows that the benefits of FADs to local small-scale fishermen and local communities far exceeds the cost of the FAD materials. One of the recommendations is that ongoing FAD programmes should be continued by governments as a way to support local communities and the small-scale fishing secto

Jean-Paul Gaudechoux
Fisheries Information Adviser

In this issue

Fisheries Development Section

• SPC's Steve Beverly wins grand prize in WWF international competition
• Technical assistance to Papua New Guinea's National Fisheries College
• Technical assistance projects in Nauru
• Technical assistance provided to New Caledonia longline company, Albacore SARL
• Follow-up work in Niue
• Regional meetings attended
• Manuals

Coastal Fisheries Management Section

• Newcomer to the Pacific

Fisheries Training Section

• Seafood processing workshop
• Regional course for enterprise managers – 4th edition in October
• "Start your Fishing Business" training in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu
• Shark ID cards now available
• The Foolish Fisherman - A comic book to raise sea safety awareness
• SPC short training videos on DVD

ACIAR funds training in microalgae culture for Pacific Islanders
USS 10M project to help local fishermen
Tsunami-damaged coral reefs should be left to recover naturally, say scientists
Could better mangrove habitats have spared lives in the 2004 tsunami?
An underwater plane for oceanographic research
NOAA's sea turtle research gains additional recognition
International ship and port facility security (ISPS) code – What does it mean for fishing vessel security, John P. Hogan and Lindsay Chapman (pdf: )
FAD research project: Final results from community surveys, gender assessment, and catch and effort data analysis, Lindsay Chapman (pdf: )

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