Number 111 (October–December 2004)

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An SPC–FAO training workshop in Fisheries Management and Statistics was held in November in Fiji Islands. Training needs in this area were identified by the Strategic Plan for Fisheries Management and Sustainable Coastal Fisheries in Pacific Islands, endorsed at the third Heads of Fisheries Meeting, in August 2003.

This training workshop was designed to familiarise fisheries managers and senior fisheries officers with using fisheries statistics to help develop fisheries management policies, and to oversee the management of inshore fisheries resources. Training was intended to enhance the capacity of fisheries administrations staff to manage sustainable fisheries and to assist them in their efforts to collect, store, retrieve and analyse basic fisheries data and/or indicators for monitoring the status of fish stocks.

An additional workshop on Fisheries Legislations and Community-based Fisheries Management will be held in early April in Honolulu, USA, under the auspices of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council.


Jean-Paul Gaudechoux
Fisheries Information Adviser

In this issue

  Fisheries Development Section

• Technical assistance to Kosrae, FSM
• Assistance provided to the National Fisheries College in Kavieng, PNG
• Other technical assistance projects in the pipeline
• Training course
• FAD research project update

  Fisheries Management Section

• SPC/FAO training in Fisheries Management and Statistics

  Training Section

• Training booklet available now

  Aquaculture Section

• ACIAR/SPC Kiribati Pearl Workshop, Tarawa
• Third Meeting of the Regional Advisory Group on Aquatic Animal Health
• Seventh Asian Fisheries Forum
• Samoa National Aquaculture Workshop
• Eleventh Australasia/Oceania Commonwealth Veterinary Association regional meeting and workshop and other activities in PNG
• Nauru programme visit

  Panel releases consensus statement on reserves as fisheries management tools
  Divers feeding fishes: a continuing issue in MPA management
  Hawaiian-style small-scale deep setting longline technique used on seamounts, David Itano (pdf: )
  SPC training boosts Fiji's fry production, Filimone Mate (pdf: )

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