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With continuous review and improvements adapted from training and seminars, SPC and EDD - Transport Programme hopes to better serve the PMTA Members. The Association hopes to bring together the Region's maritime skills and expertise, sharing of best practices information and training port personnel at all levels of operation to promote efficiency and productivity.

  • To share information in shipping services in the Pacific region, and the way in which Pacific Shipping services are being affected by global developments in the maritime sector
  • To understand the issues that face the Pacific Island Countries (PIC) in securing stable, adequate and efficient international shipping services with a special focus on port infrastructure and cargo handling in Pacific Ports


Membership of PMTA is extended to port organizations, associations and other bodies, whether governmental, public or private, incorporated or unincorporated, or individuals interested in supporting and promoting the objectives of the Association.


There are three categories of members; regular, associate and honorary:

  1. Regular members include any government or statutory port or marine authority or port company of a Pacific country.
  2. Associate members include any port user, organisation, entity or individual engaged or involved in port related activities in the Pacific region.
  3. Honorary membership may be conferred to any individual or organisation by the Conference.

Regular members include port organisations from Cook Islands, Fiji, Norfolk Island, New Caledonia, Tonga, Tahiti, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and American Samoa.

Port organisations from Australia and New Zealand are associate members of the Association.

Membership Fees effective from 2010

  • Individual Members: Sub Fees FJ$200
  • Associate Members: Sub Fees FJ$600
  • Regular Members: Sub Fees in Fijian Dollars.100,000 TEUs and over FJ$4000, Less than 100,000 TEUs FJ$600

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