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Monday 19 January 2015, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Suva, Fiji –



The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) is optimistic that cheaper oil prices will not reduce the Pacific region’s momentum towards a renewable energy and energy efficient future.    


Falling global oil prices have given some relief to Pacific Islands’ consumers who pay among the highest prices in the world at the petrol pump, mainly due to import costs.


“We’re seeing significant decreases in oil prices but this should be translated into reduced electricity and transport costs, two key sectors that SPC is working on with Pacific governments,” the Director of SPC’s Economic Development Division, John Hogan, said.


“Our major concern right now is to see the price decreases passed on to consumers in the Pacific and that there’s no erosion in the region’s commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency,” Mr Hogan said.


The head of SPC’s Energy Programme, Solomone Fifita, said that while cheaper energy prices could potentially promote inefficiencies and waste, SPC hoped governments would use this opportunity to raise revenue that could be invested in renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.


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Pacific petroleum prices and alternative fuels discussed at regional meeting PDF Print E-mail

Wednesday 10 December 2014, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Suva, Fiji –





'The reality is that petroleum fuels are the main energy source for Pacific Islands, accounting for over 95% of all of our regional energy needs. Transportation by land, sea and air accounts for up to 75% of that usage. Petroleum fuels also generate most of the electricity used in Pacific households, and in the commerce, education and health services. They also power our industries and support our tourism,' said John Hogan, Director of SPC's Economic Development Division, in opening a five-day petroleum meeting in Suva, Fiji.


Responding to the energy and transport ministers' meeting held in Denarau earlier this year, SPC’s Energy Programme held a petroleum meeting last week (1–5 December) in Suva, Fiji. Petroleum officials and experts from Pacific governments, government-owned enterprises and the private sector discussed fuel-pricing mechanisms in the region and shared country experiences. 


The meeting included discussions of the newly developed SPC fuel pricing manual, the development of a regional fuel industry code of practice, and capacity building of officials on regional fuel industry standards. It also provided an update on emerging technologies in alternative liquid fuels and a review of the current status of development of renewable and alternative fuel projects in the region.


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