Republic of Palau’s 2015 census to break new ground

20 April 2015, Melekeok

Census PalauInnovative features incorporated into the Republic of Palau’s 2015 national census of population, housing and agriculture will see Palau set a new standard for the Pacific region. 

Pacific progresses partnerships for water and sanitation at the 7th World Water Forum

17 April 2015, Gyeongju

World Water ForumPacific representatives at the 7th World Water Forum in Gyeongju, Korea, have stressed the importance of effective partnerships to the region achieving development goals for water and sanitation. 

Improving search and rescue in the Pacific region

17 April 2015, Noumea

SAR-demonstrationThe Pacific has moved one step closer to achieving a harmonised regional approach to search and rescue capability as promoted in the Search and Rescue Technical Arrangement for Cooperation among Pacific Island countries and territories.

World-first musculoskeletal health pilot in Solomon Islands

16 April 2015, Honiara

backpain-PhotoIn a world-first, a survey module about back pain, arthritis and other musculoskeletal health problems is being piloted in the Solomon Islands national Demographic and Health Survey this month.



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