Community Education Training Centre's programme advisory council meeting

Friday 16 March 2012, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Suva, Fiji  –

SPC Community Education Training Centre held its first advisory council meeting on 7-8 March at the CETC campus in Narere. The meeting focused on identifying development outcomes for the next five years for CETC.

Ms Kathy Solomon, Director of the Vanuatu Rural Development Training Centre Association (VRDTCA), herself a CETC graduate, is the chair for the council, whose members are from the University of the South Pacific, Live & Learn Environmental Education, National Food & Nutrition Committee, Koronivia Research Station, the Pacific Association of Pacific Technical and Vocational Education and Training providers, and the Fiji National University. Several SPC sections are also represented, including the Land Resources Division and the Secretariat of the Pacific Board for Educational Assessment. National representatives are selected by the CETC Head and changed every two years.

The CETC Advisory Council (CAC) is tasked with providing strategic advice on programmes, technical assistance in areas of the curriculum where they have expertise, and advice on a range of community development issues affecting Pacific Island countries and territories.

At last week's meeting, Dr Lia Maka, CETC Head, briefed the council on the programme and activities of the Centre. Some of the new initiatives are mainstreaming gender and climate change issues into the current courses, development of new specialist qualifications in Health &Wellness and Agro-business, and the business development advisory programmes focusing on small/micro business players.

In welcoming the members, Dr Maka said, 'CETC relies on your wealth of experience and knowledge in the community development sector to contribute to the development of CETC's programme.'

She added, 'CETC hopes to survey national training providers to determine gaps in provision which could allow it to produce training programmes and services for a specific market segment, a niche, so as not to be competing or duplicating other work.'

The council was established on the recommendation of the external scoping review of 2008. It is part of the CETC reform to develop the Centre into a unique Centre of Excellence in Community Development Studies and Best Practice and to provide structured and representative advice to meet CETC's expanding programme and development needs.

CAC meetings are expected to be held twice a year, and at least one will be a face-to-face meeting.  

Enquiries about CETC can be made to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; Phone: 3349587 or visit its website