What is FAME?

FAME (SPC Division of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems) main's work is to provide the 22 SPC's member countries and territories with the information they need to make informed decisions on the management and development of their aquatic resources, and help to provide the tools and strengthen the capacity needed to implement these decisions.


FAME is composed of two programmes: the Oceanic Fisheries Programme and the Coastal Fisheries Programme.


SPC’s vision for the region is a secure and prosperous Pacific Community whose people are educated and healthy and manage their resources in a sustainable way. While FAME’s goal mainly focuses on the sustainable management of marine resources, we don't neglect the opportunities that these provide to improve education, health and prosperity.

Oceanic Fisheries Programme
Coastal Fisheries Programme

Latest NEWS


OFP - December 2017
Latest review of WCP-CA tuna stocks just published
The provisional total WCP-CA tuna catch for 2016 was estimated at 2,686,203 tonnes...
Download the report (5 Mb) >>


FAME - November 2017
1st SPC Regional Technical Meeting on Coastal Fisheries
The meeting overarching theme is to address the data shortages in coastal fisheries....  


FAME - October 2017
SPC Fisheries Newsletter #153
In 2016, SPC scientists estimated that bigeye tuna stocks were overfished. In 2017...


FAME - September 2017
2017 Coastal and Tuna Report Cards
were released in preparation for the 48th PIF Leaders Meeting....

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