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The SPC Heads of Fisheries Meeting provides technical oversight of all SPC work in the field of fisheries and aquaculture, as well as an opportunity to discuss in detail topics of special interest. It covers both of SPC's Fisheries Programmes: Oceanic and Coastal.

The Heads of Fisheries meeting is intended to cover the entire range of work of national and territorial fisheries administrations.



& notes from Friday session

pdf: 530 KB

Working papers

WP1: FAME Draft Business Planpdf: 2 MB pdf

WP2: Enabling government - empowering communities: National implementation of the New Song pdf: 291 KB pdf

WP3: Harmonised collection of small-scale domestic fisheries data pdf: 457 KB pdf

WP4: Curation and digital preservation of coastal fisheries data using SPC as the regional data depot pdf: 234 KB pdf

WP5: Fisheries economics: Coastal and oceanicpdf: 1 MB pdf

WP6: PROP BDM project in 7 PICs pdf: 250 KB pdf

WP7: Governance and the Papua New Guinea beche-de-mer value chain pdf: 319 KB pdf

WP8: MSWG outcome on implementing the Leaders decision on strengthening
coastal fisheries management and including community input pdf: 220 KB pdf

Information papers

IP1: Meeting arrangementspdf: 291 KB pdf

IP2: Provisional list of participantspdf: 847 KB pdf

IP3: Progress report against outcomes from HoF 9pdf: 638 KB pdf

IP4: FAME Programme report 2015–2016pdf: 1 MB pdf

IP5: Harmonising regional reporting and indicators: draft indicators for discussionpdf: 353 KB pdf

IP6: Pacific Strategic Plan for Agriculture and Fisheries Statisticspdf: 1 MB pdf

IP7: Tissue bank for biological samples (oceanic and coastal)pdf: 300 KB pdf

IP8: A synthesis from 40 years of Pacific Island sea cucumber exportpdf: 389 KB pdf

IP9: Green Climate Fund Proposal: Adapting the Regional Roadmap
for Sustainable Pacific Fisheries and New Song to climate changepdf: 396 KB pdf

IP10: Coastal and tuna fisheries development options in the Pacific
Islands and potential for collaboration with South Korea pdf: 1 MB pdf

IP11: MFAT – Coastal Fisheries Governance Project (Coastal Fisheries) summary pdf: 354 KB pdf

IP12: MFAT - Sustainable Pacific aquaculture development for food security
and economic growth – Summary pdf: 539 KB pdf

Informal documents

Participant feedback on 10th SPC Heads of Fisheries meetingpdf: 600KB pdf

Final Agendapdf: 229 KB pdf

HoF10 Group pictureLink to the picture pdf


Powerpoint presentations

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