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The first RTMCF meeting has been arranged to address some specific outcomes as agreed by representatives at the Tenth Heads of Fisheries Meeting held in Noumea in March 2017.

The overarching theme is to address the data shortages in coastal fisheries in support of better resource management.

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pdf: 530 KB

Information papers

IP1: Introduction to all things related to coastal fisheries and aquaculture datapdf: 225 KB pdf

IP2: SPC Coastal Fisheries Programme data collection systemspdf: 209 KB pdf

IP3: Economic data in support of viable fisheries and aquaculturepdf: 186 KB pdf

IP4: Coastal fishery-dependent and fishery-independent surveys and data collectionpdf: 228 KB pdf

IP5: New, innovative data collection systemspdf: 181 KB pdf

IP6: Aquaculture data collection systemspdf: 201 KB pdf

IP7: Nearshore fisheries development and FAD data collectionspdf: 185 KB pdf

IP8: Data holdings and repositorypdf: 230 KB pdf

IP9: National collections and what they offerpdf: 181 KB pdf

IP10: Regional standardisation of coastal fisheries and aquaculture data: Institutional aspects pdf: 244 KB pdf

IP11: A framework for coastal fisheries and aquaculture data governance: Legal aspectspdf: 241 KB pdf

IP12: Coastal Monitoring Control, Surveillance and Enforcement (MCS&E) data collectionpdf: 213 KB pdf

IP13: New trends in data dissemination and exchangepdf: 287 KB pdf

Informal documents

Provisional agenda (8 Nov.)pdf: 240KB pdf

Powerpoint presentations

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