List of Grant and Procurement Contracts to 1 November 2012

Title of contract/project Name & nationality of contractor/grant beneficiary Amount of contract/grant
Technical Assistance
 Preparation of a Climate Change Communications Plan (May-September 2012) Ashwini Prabha-Leopold, Fijian  FJD 24,000
 Facilitation of a Workshop (14.08.12) to Review the Draft Climate Change Communications Plan Nicola Thomson, Fijian  FJD 1,800
 Facilitation of a Climate Change Finance Workshop (25-26.10.12) and Preparation of a User Guide in collaboration with SPREP Nicola Thomson, Fijian  USD 9749.50
 Researcher to Prepare a Climate Change Donors Guide (October 2012) in collaboration with SPREP Andrew Kennedy, British  USD 1,500