Fiji signs up for 2-1-22 programme support

Fiji's national adviser on non-communicable diseases control, Dr Isimeli Tukana, left, and SPC NCDs Adviser/Physical Activity, Dr Si Thu Win Tin, finalise Fiji's large country grant for NCD plan implementation in 2010. Dr Tukana visited Noumea in December to work out the details of the agreement. The $150,000 will go mainly towards community programmes addressing key risk factors leading to NCDs such as poor nutrition, smoking and lack of physical activity. Dr Tukana said Fiji has a multi-sectoral national NCDs committee that meets quarterly. Although there was much NCD-remedial work going on at community levels and communications campaigns had been tried, Fiji was struggling to change behaviour relating to risk factors. More comprehensive strategic health communications approaches were being considered, he said.



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