Third Annual General Meeting of the Pacific International Maritime Law Association
Monday, 05 January 2009



PIMLA Executive Council meet to discuss Association matters


The third Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Pacific International Maritime Law Association (PIMLA), organised by SPC RMP, was held in Suva, Fiji on 18th July 2008.

A new Executive Council for PIMLA was elected. The new look Executive Council now comprises of:

  • Mr Fred Amoa (Samoa);
  • Ms Masio Nidung (PNG);
  • Mr Filimon Manoni (RMI);
  • Ms Kerryn Kwan (Samoa);
  • Mr James Tari (Vanuatu); and
  • Mr Tufuga Fagaloa Tufuga (RMP) – ex officio

The matters raised and discussed at the AGM included:

 1.     The submission of members’ curriculum vitae to RMP and completed consultancy forms to be submitted for the International Maritime Organization (IMO) database. This will give IMO access to a pool of resources in the form of Pacific maritime law experts and specialists available for maritime legal assistance and projects. This will ultimately build the capacity of PIMLA members as well as provide professional development.

 2.     A drafting team was appointed to review and amend identified provisions of PIMLA’s Articles of Association for tendering at the next Annual General Meeting, which will held during the 2009 Transport Ministers Meeting in Tonga. The drafting team comprises of Mr James Tari, Mr Filimon Manoni and Ms Kerryn Kwan.

 3.     Four project proposals for maritime legal training and legal assistance were circulated for the consideration of members. The projects were allocated to members (two members per project) to consider, revise and take lead in the implementation. The project and project teams are as follows:

i.        Regional Maritime Legislation Review Project – Mr Filimon Manoni and Mr Timoci Romanu;

ii.        Regional Maritime Law for the Judiciary Project – Mr Fred Amoa and Mr John Kouni;

iii.        Regional Maritime Claims and Prosecutions Project – Mr Filimon Manoni and Mr Timoci Romanu;

iv.        Regional Maritime Legislation Drafting Project – Ms Lalotoa Mulitalo and Ms Kerryn Kwan.

These project proposals, upon finalisation, will be submitted to SPC RMP for funding, which would allow the projects to commence within the next couple of months.

 4.     A PIMLA webpage was considered and it was recommended and agreed that publications produced by PIMLA members should be made available on the PIMLA webpage, particularly academic publications. In addition to that, other material that needs to be accessible to PIMLA members via the webpage include model laws, maritime case law and marine enquiries, and a list of contacts for members.

 5.     PIMLA’s relationship with other organisations was clarified. PIMLA has a observer status with Pacific Islands Law Officers Network (PILON) and a consulting status with Comite Maritime International (CMI).

 6.     The Association hopes to hold legal seminars for the professional development of its members alongside its normal AGM every year.

The new Executive Council looks forward to promoting PIMLA and undertaking maritime legal assistance and projects throughout the region. The Executive Council encourages its members as well as the Pacific Island countries (PICs) maritime administrations to feel free to request maritime legal assistance from SPC RMP and PIMLA.


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