Regional Maritime Programme gets integrated into SPCís Economic Development Division
Sunday, 27 June 2010

Since 1987, SPC’s Regional Maritime Programme (RMP) has been the leading agency in the Pacific Islands region for expert advice and technical assistance in maritime affairs. As a result of the recent structural reforms within SPC, the unfaltering niche that RMP has created for itself in the Pacific maritime sector now takes a fresh turn under a new profile.


This year, SPC established a new technical division, Economic Development Division (EDD), which became effective on 1 January 2010. The establishment of EDD is a culmination of SPC’s internal reform process as well as a specific response to the broader reform agenda under the auspices of the Regional Institutional Framework (RIF).

EDD comprises the four key drivers of economic growth – transport, energy, infrastructure, and digital strategy. These drivers constitute the four pillars of the division.

RMP has been absorbed under the Transport pillar of EDD and rebranded as the ‘maritime’ component of the Transport Programme that sits integrated with an aviation component and a land component under this pillar.

It is important to reinforce at this point that the change in profile does not in any way impede the nature or level of SPC services delivered to the Pacific maritime sector. ‘RMP’ ceases to exist in paper only, not services. The Transport staff responsible for maritime affairs will continue to provide advisory and technical assistance services with the same level of commitment as demonstrated in the past.

EDD is headed by Capt. John Hogan, who was appointed in the Director position in March this year. Capt Hogan is well known in the Pacific maritime sector as the manager of RMP, a position he has held in SPC since November 2007.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 27 June 2010 )
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