Changing the face of Marine training Centre
Sunday, 27 June 2010
With all the overlapping projects rolling in MTC by the year 2009, other onboard events will be merged soon.

The two double storey buildings completed in December 2009 will not just improve the living communities of the trainees in MTC but will also change their lifestyle to an upgraded fashion as expected on board international ships.

It embedded with the MTC emblem towards the parade ground and facilitate two male trainees dormitories with 24 bunks and lockers and one community toilet as well as one female trainees dorm with 24 bunks and lockers and a separate toilet. The shipmaster’s cabin and one passenger cabin will faciliate the basic steward training in housekeeping like aboard ships.

A total of ten new classrooms were built, each fully equiped with an information technolgy (IT) terminal. Two of the ground classrooms can be combined with a movable partition.

The new buildings will be opened in March this year. In overall and as with the new simulators, other new training appliances and equipment, MTC, then will continue to move on providing seafaring training to trainees, refreshing and upgrading seafarers using the latest training equipment and facilities.

The 89th IDF course trainees as well as refreshing and upgrading seafarers will move and start using the new buildings by end of March 2010.

New marine crane is due to arrive soon

The 89th IDF course is on the 3rd month of their last stage of their program in MTC. While they were continuing a senior stage training, mostly on the practical side, the new marine crane will be installed very soon at the institute. It will arrive in the country by April and the instructors and staff of the institute will install it themselves.

The    motivated    trainees anxiousness to use the new crane in their training is well challenged as they continue to train, working aloft at their samson post above the mooring and the cargo simulator and others.

With the newly installed totally enclosed motor lifeboat, which comply with the new SOLAS standard, the trainees and instructors were enjoying executing their different practical survival scenarios in the MTC harbour and out in the open lagoon of the island.

All the new training equipment, simulators and facilities will be cared by the institute and maintained by the instructors and trainees like we do aboard!!!
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