Suva Campus, Fiji

Audiovisual and The Pacific Way TV show

Kelepi Koroi
Acting Senior Audiovisual Producer
Tel: +679 3379 290
[email protected]

Economic Development Division

Caroline T. Fusimalohi
Research and Information Advisor
Tel: +679 3379 281
[email protected]

Atishma Lal
Information Assistant
Tel: +679 3379 402
[email protected]

Solomoni Matthewsella
Public Relations Assistant
Tel: +679 3315 600
[email protected]

Geoscience Division

Lisa Kingsberry
Media and Communications Coordinator, Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific
Tel: +679 3249 223
[email protected]

Evlyn Mani
Communications Officer, Climate and Oceans Support Programme
Tel: +679 3379 349
[email protected]

Molly Powers-Tora
Climate and Oceans Regional Officer
Tel: +679 3249 250
[email protected]

Fononga Mangisi-Mafileo
Communications and Knowledge Management Adviser
Tel: +679 3249 302
[email protected]