Field Detail
Theme Communication and Infrastructure
Code IT-1.3.2
Sub-theme Information Technology
Name Households with access to dial-up internet - Household subscriptions to narrow-band internet (ITU-HH11)
Definition Households that have dial-up internet connection
Calculation/Formula Number of households with dial-up internet connection / Total number of households x 100
Unit of Measure %
Range (eg Age) Households only (vs. Govt or business listings)
Assumptions Access to ICTs is key for economic and social development and is increasingly considered a basic right. Data on mobile cellular subscriptions are considered to be reliable, timely and complete data. They are derived from, administrative data that countries (usually the regulatory telecommunication authority or the Ministry in charge of telecommunication) regularly, and at least annually, collect from their telecommunications operators. Data for this indicator are readily available for about 90 percent of countries, either through replies sent to ITU’s World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators questionnaires or from official information available on the Ministry or Regulator’s website. For another 10 percent of countries, the information can be aggregated through operators’ data (mainly through annual reports) and complemented by market research reports.
Limitations Household figures basically impossible to come by outside of Census and DHS, therefore there will be gaps in these indicators. However there are comparability issues for mobile cellular subscriptions owing to the prevalence of prepaid subscriptions. Issues arise from determining when a prepaid subscription is considered no longer active.
Purpose/Rationale Measures telecommunication access, and indirectly ability of govt agencies to reach population.
Policy Linkages National development plans (infrastructure).
Preferred Data Sources Ministry of Telecommunications
Primary Data Collection System Survey - National Statistics Office
Frequency of Data Collection Annual
Other agencies countries_ must report to: ITU
SPC Responsibility - Data Management EDD
Notes Must confirm this is a household value and does not include government and business listings
SPC Programme EDD
Numerator Number of households with dial-up internet connection
Denominator Total number of households
Factor x 100