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Sponsored by the Australian Government (AusAID), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and New Zealand Government (NZODA), and executed by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

  • Country visit to Pitcairn Island by SPC Biosecurity staff  : Pitcairn Island was visited for the first time by a SPC staff for a review of their biosecurity activities including their fruit fly program. More on this in Pitcairn Island country page.
  • Fruit Fly parasite, Fopius arisanus, establishing well in French Polynesia : Since the introduction of Fopius arisanus into French Polynesia in 2002, parasitization, to date have averaged 50% and numbers of Oriental and Queensland fruit fly emerging from fruits have been reduced by as much as 75%. More on this in French Polynesia country page.
  • Samoa and Fiji Fruit Fly scientists attended and made presentations at the Sixth Annual Meeting & Review of the Hawaii Fruit Fly Area Wide Pest Management (AWPM) program:  More on this in Samoa country page and Fiji country page
  • SPC/Samoa Quarantine surveillance program for South Pacific Games 2007 :  SPC assisted Samoa's Ministry of Agriculture Quarantine Service set up their surveillance system during the South Pacific Games,  to prevent unwanted introductions of exotic fruit fly species into Samoa. Full report available on Samoa country page.
  •  Pacific island countries continued to learn from Fiji's fresh produce export system  :  Participants from around the Pacific that had been attending the IMPEXTEK (Import & Export Technology) training program in SPC, continued to visit and study Fiji's fruits and vegetables export system to assist with their countries market access submissions.   More on this in Fiji country page


  • Pacific fruit fly surveillance program:  The fruit fly surveillance program in the Pacific involves establishing fruit fly trap sites in high risk areas, maintenance and servicing of trap sites, regular clearance of traps, documentation and reporting.  The surveillance program for 22 Pacific Island countries and territories is reviewed annually.   For the latest information on the surveillance program (October 2007), go to Quarantine surveillance in the Pacific Islands
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 Fruit Fly Situation in Pacific Island Countries and Territories:

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1 CNMI (Northern Marianas)

8 Papua New Guinea

13 Tonga

2 Guam

9 Solomon Islands

14 Niue

3 Palau

10 Vanuatu

15 Tuvalu

4 FSM (Micronesia)

11 New Caledonia

16 Tokelau

5 Marshall Islands

12 Fiji Islands

17 Wallis - Futuna

6 Kiribati

18 Samoa

7 Nauru

19 American Samoa


20 Cook Islands

21 French Polynesia

22 Pitcairn Island

   Profile of Pest Fruit Fly Species in the Pacific  

(B. for Bactrocera)

Bactrocera atramentata Mango fly (B. frauenfeldi) Bactrocera philippinensis
Bactrocera atrisetosa Bactrocera kirki Bactrocera psidii
Bactrocera bryoniae Bactrocera lineata Bactrocera strigifinis
Melon fly (B. cucurbitae) Bactrocera melanotus Bactrocera trilineola
Bactrocera curvifera Bactrocera moluccensis Bactrocera trivialis
Bactrocera curvipennis Banana fly (B. musae) Queensland fruit fly (B. tryoni)
Pumpkin fly (B. decipiens) Bactrocera neohumeralis Breadfruit fly (B. umbrosa)
Bactrocera distincta Bactrocera obliqua Pacific fruit fly (B. xanthodes)
Oriental fruit fly (B. dorsalis) Bactrocera occipitalis Dacus axanus
Bactrocera facialis Asian papaya fruit fly (B. papayae) Dacus solomonensis
  B. passiflorae  



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