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Details for IA32 - August 2010 - Full version bilingual
NameIA32 - August 2010 - Full version bilingual


Moving towards
 Syndromic Suveillance - Christelle Lepers

Surveillance & Response
♦ Recrudescence of leptospirosis in French Polynesia in early 2010 – Elise Daudens, Eddy Frogier and Henri-Pierre Mallet...(3)

♦ Assessment of NS1 antigen detection tests during DEN-4 epidemic in French Polynesia – Stéphane Lastère, Nicolas Goffard, Anita Teissier, Karen Zisou, Tokahi Rotillon and Frédéric Beau...(6)

♦ Open borders with no confirmed cases of Pandemic H1N1 2009 in Niue –
Manila Nosa...(11)

♦ Laboratory-based influenza surveillance project: Achievements and opportunities –
Salanieta Elbourne Duituturaga, Anthony Kolbe and Justus Benzler...(17)

♦ Moving ahead with influenza surveillance in Pacific Island countries and territories –
Public Health Surveillance & Communicable Disease Control Section

♦ Susceptibility to anti-TB drugs of M. tuberculosis strains isolated in Kiribati 2008–2009 – Régis Goursaud and Kenneth Tabutoa

♦ A framework to address multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Pacific Island countries and territories –Axel Wiegandt


♦ Towards a standardised syndromic and event-based surveillance system for the Pacific Islands –Christelle Lepers and Jacob Kool

♦ 16th Meeting of the PPHSN Coordinating Body

♦ French Pacific Territories Workshop

In Brief 

♦ 2010 edition of the Electronic Directory of PPHSN Resources and PPHSN Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines

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