Regional Programmes - SPC role & Countries who benefit


SPC manages funding from its Funding Partners for the benefit of national and/or regional programmes that have a focus on a majority of Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs). Typically, this funding is accessed through a 'funding submission' process by either individual PICTs, or on a multi-country basis to address common issues. In the Pacific, two countries face a signficant malaria burden (the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu), and many more are expanding their responses to the risk of an increased prevalence of HIV and STI infections, and tuberculosis (with a particular emphasis on multi-drug resistant tuberculosis strands, or MDR-TB). Country and regional programmes are providing signficant increased resources to address these needs.


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Countries benefiting under the Regional Funding currently managed by SPC are:

HIV and AIDS *
(including STI prevention)
Tuberculosis Malaria
Cook Islands Cook Islands Solomon Islands
Federated States of Micronesia Federated States of Micronesia Vanuatu
Fiji Kiribati
Kiribati Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands Nauru
Nauru Niue
Niue Palau
Palau Samoa
Samoa Tonga
Solomon Islands Tuvalu
Tokelau Vanuatu



* Funding from the Asian Development Bank, The Global Fund and the Pacific Response Fund to support HIV and STI in-country responses is provided to differing countries in the above list based on the eligiblity criteria of the Funding Partner. For specific information on the programmes funded by these donors, refer to the "Our Partners" page.