Global Fund to assist health programmes in PNG
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Friday, 18 July 2008


18 JULY 2008 PORT MORESBY (Pacnews) ----- Global Fund, an organisation committed to supporting global fight against AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria, has made a total grant of US$42 million to assist existing health programmes in  Papua New Guinea ( PNG) the country in combating these diseases, reports The National.

Executive director for the fund, Dr Michel Kazatchkine, made this commitment this week in front of Health Secretary Dr Clement Malau and Lady Roslyn Morauta, chairperson of the PNG Country Coordinating Mechanism (PNGCCM) at the Health Department headquarters.

This was Dr Kazatchkine’s first visit to  PNG to discuss progress of national programmes on AIDS, TB and malaria, which are funded by the Global Fund.

He said he was pleased with the results despite a number of issues affecting the health system in the country and commended PNG’s collaborative approach by all partners to implement all three programmes for addressing HIV, TB and malaria.

He noted a number of progresses over the years in the country’s effort to address these diseases. “There has been more than five-fold increase in the people receiving HIV counselling and testing from 2005 when 15,000 people had received these services, to almost 82,000 people by March this year.”

He added that the number of HIV positives accessing antiretroviral treatment has also increased from under 200 in 2005 to more than 2,800 by March. “These are major achievements and I recognise the hard work done in PNG that has made this possible,” he said. Dr Malau revealed that a total of US$17.5 million from the US$42 million had already been exhausted through implementation of some of the programmes while funding into other programmes was still continuing. He said he was grateful for the funding assistance from Global Fund and added though there had been many challenges, a lot of progress had been made in the area against malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS……..PNS (ENDS)
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