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Nurses migration a concern: Commonwealth Nurses Federation
Written by Tangata Vainerere   
Wednesday, 08 October 2008
08 OCTOBER 2008 SUVA (Pacnews) ----- The Commonwealth Nurses Federation says the migration of nurses from one country to another is a concern, reports Fiji TV. 

Fiji nurses have been leaving the country in large numbers. The Federation said  those poaching countries should invest back in a country from where they are taking nurses. The issue of nurses seeking greener pastures in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom is one of the topics discussed at the 14th Biennial South Pacific Nurses Forum Usually its for earning more money but a country also loses valuable man-power.

It's a problem international organisations know about. According to I-Leaf, the main concern was the state of the country the nurses are leaving behind. And the federation has a recommendation to the larger countries poaching Fiji's nurses. Ms I-Leaf highlighted the need for recruiting countries to give back to the island countries. 

Fiji nurses usually take up job offers in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and Dubai……PNS (ENDS)

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 08 October 2008 )
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