Mission & objectives

The human development approach recognises that a country’s, society’s or individual’s well-being and needs require a number of positive indicators or need to be addressed through a range of factors in addition to income level, which is the standard economic measurement. It stresses income distribution rather than gross national product per capita, and factors in social indicators reflecting life expectancy, years of schooling and gender equity. In human development terms, the purpose of development is to enlarge all human choices, not just income, including through creating an economic and political environment where people can expand their human capabilities.


The goal of HDP is to contribute to the mission of the Social Resources Division, which is: ‘To maximise the development potential of Pacific Island people in health, culture and information and enhance the empowerment of women and young people’.

Its mission is ‘To support Pacific Island countries and territories with the design and delivery of social policy, programmes and services’.


The programme will focus on the following objectives for the five-year period 2008-2012.


  • Objective 1 To assist the adoption and implementation of an integrated approach to social policy, programmes and services
  • Objective 2 To build national-level capacity to respond to human and social development needs
  • Objective 3 To develop and strengthen networks and partnerships and improve coordination of social and human development programmes and services
  • Objective 4 To strengthen knowledge and approaches for improved human development


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