Nauru Elections return Stephen-led Government
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Monday, 28 April 2008

NAURU – ELECTION: PACNEWS                                                                    PACNEWS 1: Mon 28 April 2008  

Nauru  Government returned to power  – Rene Harris ousted 

28 APRIL 2008 YAREN (Pacnews) ------ The Marcus Stephen-led government in Nauru has been returned to power and is expected to rule with a majority of at least 10 members in the 18-seat parliament.


The result would end the two-month deadlock of parliament that has severely hampered the passing of essential budgetary Bills and held up a number of projects that the government is anxious to progress.


The opposition’s anointed leader and controversial former president Rene Harris has lost his seat along with fellow opposition members, Cyril Buraman and Fabian Ribauw.


Mr Harris, who had been touted by the opposition as being the alternative president, could only manage fourth place in a field of six candidates, of which only two can be elected. There was no loss of seat by a sitting government member.


Mr Stephen has comfortably retained his seat along with ministers Kieren Keke, Mathew Batsiua, Roland Kun. Frederick Pitcher and Sprent Dabwido, former Speaker Riddell Akua and government backbenchers Dominic Tabuna and Rykers Solomon.


One of the incoming members is certain to take his seat on the government benches and the majority could swell to 12, with at least two other members likely to join the government ranks.


Nauru’s Justice Minister, Mathew Batsiua said the poll result was a resounding victory for the government.


“This more than vindicates the stand we have taken and now lets us get on with the job of governing for the people of Nauru, who have sent a clear message to the entire parliament that they want political stability.


“This is not only shown in the result, but also in the favourable swing in votes to the incumbent government members,” Mr Batsiua said.


He said as a result of the poll result, the parliament would almost certainly sit this Tuesday, 29 April when the final makeup of the house would be determined.


“The government now has enough members to allow us to elect a Speaker to replace David Adeang, who has been a total disgrace to that position during his short term in office.


“He and his supporters have paid the price for their total disregard and abuse of the parliamentary process, which has seriously undermined our ability to provide good governance.

That is all over now and we’re looking forward to getting back to work for the people,” he said…….PNS (ENDS) 


Name of ConstituencyName of Member Elected
  1. Hon. Dantes Tsitsi*
  2. Hon. Godfrey A. Thoma**
  1. Hon. Ludwig D. Scotty*
  2. Hon. Riddel Akua*
  1. Hon. Mathew Batsiua*
  2. Hon. Baron D. Waqa*
  1. Hon. Shadlog Bernicke *
  2. Hon. Roland Kun *
  1. Hon. Marcus Stephen *
  2. Hon. Landon Deireragea ***
  1. Hon. Rykers Solomon *
  2. Hon. Sprent Dabwido *
  1. Hon. Frederick Pitcher *
  2. Hon. David Adeang *
  3. Hon Valdon Dowiyogo *
  4. Hon. Aloysius Amwano ****
  1. Hon. Dominic Tabuna *
  2. Hon. Dr. Kieren Keke *
  • *  sitting Member
  • **  re-elected after losing the last election
  • *** first timer
  • **** re-elected after losing the last three elections

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