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Procurement & Stockpiling

PPE_small.pngThe role of the PRIPPP Procurement and Logistics Officer was to coordinate selection, quantification, procurement, and distribution of essential medication, medical supplies, and equipment for both the animal and human health sectors to each of the 22 member PICTs. In addition, the role entailed the assessment of countries' capacity to receive, store and manage strategic national stockpiles to be deployed in the event of a public health emergency.  

Specifically, the procurement involved:

1.    Provision of  antivirals (oseltamivir, Tamiflu®) for rapid containment of disease outbreaks;

2.    Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Animal Health and Human Health workers to our member countries for rapid containment of disease outbreaks;

3.    Provision of Rapid Testing Kits and Technical Equipment for rapid containment of disease outbreaks (particularly of suspected Avian influenza) in poultry

4.    Improvement of in-country capacity to store and manage rapid response stockpiles 

Guideline documents have been developed which support these procurement activities. These include:




Pacific Regional Avian & Pandemic Influenza Preparations
Pacific Regional Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Project - Secretariat of the Pacific Community