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Legal Issues

preparedness-plan.jpgA checklist and legal guidelines to ensure that Pacific Island Countries and Territories have a strong legislative basis for pandemic preparedness, were completed under PRIPPP.

A strong public health legislative framework will ensure that countries can legally undertake measures such as controlling vectors, quarantine and manage orders, and undertake surveillance and notification of cases in humans and animals. This framework supports combined action by human and animal health agencies and workers, as well as other officers, for example customs and biosecurity. This is important in effective everyday work and essential in emergency situations. The law must give the agencies the powers they need to respond appropriately and quickly and in proportion to the risk posed by an incident or outbreak.

The guidelines also support good practice in the event of pandemic influenza and/or HPAI outbreaks, and comply with the International Health Regulations (2005).  Additionally, the guidelines provide a useful starting point for updating public health legislation in PICTs.

English and French versions of the legal guidelines and checklist are in development.

icon Draft PRIPPP legal framework guidelines-English (2.38 MB) 

icon Sante PRIPPP legal framework guidelines-French (2.8 MB) 


Pacific Regional Avian & Pandemic Influenza Preparations
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