American Samoa



2007 68,200
2006 66,900
2005 65,500
2004 64,100
2003 62,600
2002 60,800
2001 59,400

H/hold Income & Exp. Survey
Samoans: 59,150
Tonga's: 2,060
Others: 3,260
TOTAL: 64,470

Business 4,643
Tourist 6,972
Visit relative 12,861
Employment 5,792
TOTAL: 30,268
Annual Average Inflation Rate
2qtr07 3.1%
1qtr07 0.5%
2006(Annual) 3.0%
2005(Annual) 5.2%
2004(Annual) 7.1%
2003(Annual) 2.3%
2002(Annual) 1.3%
2001(Annual) 1.9%


Total Imports

2006 341.5
2005 506.2
2004 603.7
2003 623.8
2002 499.2

Total Exports

2006 431.7
2005 373.8
2004 445.6
2003 459.5
2002 388.1

Canneries Final Report 2008

Presented to you is a copy of our study report, American Samoas Economic Future and the Cannery Industry. This report is important because it gives us a strong sense of what could happen in the future if American Samoa were to lose our largest industry, the tuna canneries. Our report tells us about the options for rebuilding, recovery and strengthening our economy for the future. It builds on the work of the American Samoa Economic Advisory Commission and the US Department of the Interior Office of Insular Affairs report entitled, A Private Sector Assessment for American Samoa, as well as other important works related to American Samoas economic development.

Click here to view the full report

CPI 4th quarter 2007

4th quarter CPI 2007 click here

American Samoa Economic 2008

The Economic Census is in the mail. If your business receives a form, fill it out and return it by February 12 2008. Find out more at <> or call Vai filiga at 633-5155.


Click here to get the Economic Census 2008 poster.

American Samoa At-A-Glance 2006

The American Samoa At-a-Glance portrays social , economic and demographic conditions of the territory in the year 2006.

Click here to view this report. File-size - 196KB (available in pdf format.)

American Samoa Statistical Yearbook 2006

The 2006 Statistical Yearbook is now available on-line in Adobe Acrobat Format or PDF. click here to view the full report. (816kb)

The 2006 Statistical Yearbook copy is now out for distribution.

For more information regarding the latest yearbook contact Mr. Vai Filiga at 684-633-5155

2007 Population Estimate for American Samoa

Population Estimate of American Samoa as of July 1, 2007 , is registered at 68,200

Click here to view the full release report of the Population Estimate 2007

Consumer Price Index latest release (3rd 2007 CPI Newsletter)

Current rate of inflation is now 4.4% compared to 2nd quarter inflation of 3.1%. The overall index registered at 137.5 index points; an increase of 3.0 percentage points from the previous quarter

Click here for more information on the latest CPI newsletter.


The new American Samoa Minimum wage as of July 24, 2007 click here.(92KB)

Addendum to Economic Report: The minimum Wage in American Samoa 2007(click here to view the full report - 32KB)

American Samoa Economic Report 2007 (click here to view the full report - 1,110KB file size)

American Samoa Fact Sheet 2006

The American Samoa Fact Sheet gives information about American Samoa. This report was prepared and compiled by the Department of Commerce Research and Statistics Division and the Economic Development Division.

click here to view the report

The Minimum Wage in American Samoa 2005

The Minimum Wage in American Samoa, 2005, was prepared under the direction of Nancy M. Flynn, Director of the Office of Planning and Analysis in the Wage and Hour Division. Terry Higgins of the School of Business Administration, University of Tennessee analyzed survey data, conducted principal research and writing, and developed the accompanying graphs and tables. Mario Distasio of the Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Standards Administration, Ford Newman of the DOL Office of the Solicitor, and David Minsky of the Wage and Hour Division provided valuable comments and suggestions for revisions. Thomas Cressler, Senior Associate Administrator at the Construction Industry Research and Policy Center at the University of Tennessee, and his associates Richard Hartrey and Terry Higgins conducted the November 2004 wage survey of American Samoa employers. Crystal Dixon of the Office of Planning and Analysis provided invaluable assistance with travel, logistics and administrative support for the wage survey.

To view full report click here or visit the US Department of Labor website (US DOL Website)

National Income and Product Accounts latest release (NIPA latest report)

Click here to view the full detail of this NIPA report.

2005 State of the Economy Report

The state of the American Samoa economy (as measured by value of goods and services produced (GDP) has improved greatly from $444.2 million in 1999 to 510.1 million in 2003.

Click here to get the full executive summary of the 2005 SOTE report

American Samoa 2000 Population report is also available on the US Census website or American Fact finder.

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