Population Censuses and Surveys

A number of adhoc surveys and censuses have been conducted by the Bureau. The major censuses include Population and Housing and Agriculture. These are conducted every ten years. The latest census of population and housing was conducted in 2007.

Surveys on the other hand are of various types and are conducted more regularly depending on resources availability. The 2002-03 HIES report has been released. The Preliminary results of the Employment and Unemployment Survey [EUS] 2004-2005 has been released also. The Preliminary Report on Poverty and Household Incomes in Fiji in 2008-2009 (2008-09 HIES results) has been released in September 2010.

While a number of different types of reports have been produced by the Bureau from these undertakings, only basic table of results are presented in this website. Complete and more detailed reports based on the results of these undertakings can be obtained from the Bureau.

Key Statistics