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Mr. Mathew Chigiyal
Assistant Director

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fsm in brief

Quick Facts

Population Estimates - 2008
FSM: Male54,400
FSM: Female53,700
Yap: Male5,600
Yap: Female6,100
Chuuk: Male26,800
Chuuk: Female26,500
Pohnpei: Male17,900
Pohnpei: Female17,000
Kosrae: Male4,000
Kosrae: Female4,200
GDP Estimates, Real (US$million) - 2007proj
CPI Annual Inflation Rates - Q4 2006 to Q4 2007
December 20064.9
March 20074.3
June 20073.1
September 20072.3
December 20073.5
Visitor Arrivals (All countries)
2007 21,146
2006 19,136
Student Enrolment - SY06-07
Primary: Male13,598
Primary: Female13,051
Secondary: Male4,251
Secondary: Female 4,439
College (fall session): Male1,251
College (fall session): Female1,288
Merchandise Trades (US$'000) - 2005
FSM: Import130,214
Yap: Imports37,516
Chuuk: Imports12,335
Pohnpei: Imports54,876
Kosrae: Imports25,488
FSM Exports: Total12,984
FSM Exports: Agricultural produce612
FSM Exports: Marine products12,245
FSM Exports: Other products128

Current Releases


The Statistics Division is now part of the recently established Office of Statistics, Budget and Economic Management, Overseas Development Assistance, and Compact management (SBOC).

The creation of this office is part of the New Administration's efforts to increase management efficiency within the National Government and to better enable departments and offices to deal effectively with evolving issues and challenges.

The Director of SBOC is Mr. Fabian Nimea.

Each of the four divisions is headed by an Assistant Director:

  • Mr. Mathew Chigiyal, Division of Statistics;
  • Mr. Ignacio Stephen, Division of Budget and Economic Management;
  • Mr Gillian Doone, Division of Overseas Development Assistance (ODA);
  • Ms. Suzanne Lowe, Division of Compact Management.

Fiscal Year 2008 - Economic Review - Published August 2009

The Economic Review for Fiscal Year 2008 (published August 2009) is now available for download!

Download report from here
2007 gross domestic product - estimates

The estimated nominal GDP for the FSM was $235.9 million with the largest contributors being the Private sector ($67 million), Households ($63 million) and State governments ($45 million). The estimated nominal GDP per capita was $2,183.

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household income and expenditure

The current Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) estimated total household income at $220.5 million and total household expenditure at $210.7 Major sources of income were wages & salaries (contributing 47% of total income) and home-production activities (18% of total income). Food expenditure made up 39% of the total expenditures.

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consumer price index

All Groups CPI Annual Inflation during the December quarter 2007 was 3.5%, a decrease of 1.4 percentage points compared to the previous year. This decrease was mainly due to decreases in prices of imported commodities.

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visitor arrivals

The number of international visitor arrivals to the FSM was about 1,300 in December 2006 declining from about 1,600 in December of the previous year. Tourism and Visitors (to friends and relatives) are the main reason for foreign visitors' arrival into the FSM. Most of the visitors from this group were of U.S. and Japan citizenry (43% and 20% of total arrival, respectively).

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merchandise trades

During 2000 to 2005 the value of imports to the FSM exceeded the value of exports. The trade deficit was highest in 2004 when value of imports exceeded exports by about $118 million.

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