GDP Press Release 2007


Federated States of Micronesia

2007 projections

The projected nominal GDP for the FSM was $235.9 million with the largest contributors being the Private sector ($67 million), Households ($63 million) and State governments ($45 million). The estimated nominal GDP per capita was $2,183.

The estimated real GDP was $197.5 million and its growth was -3.2%, increasing from the -2.3% in FY 2006.  By state, the real GDP was estimated to be $35.5 million for Yap, $53.6 million for Chuuk, $93.7 million for Pohnpei and $15.9 million for Kosrae state. 

Real GDP per capita was estimated to be $3,034 for Yap, $1,006 for Chuuk, $2,685 for Pohnpei and $1,963 for Kosrae in FY 2007.

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Mr. Stoney Taulung
Deputy Assistant Director for Statistics
Division of Statistics