Economic Statistics

As mandated by the Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office (EPPSO) Act, EPPSO collects and compiles a wide range of economic indicators for informed decision making. Due to a number of factors which are beyond EPPSO's control, access to few key indicators such as International Trade is currently limited.

It is the intension of the EPPSO to ensure a wide range of economic data gets disseminated in this website. Therefore it will continue to collaborate with its key data sources, particularly in the areas of providing advise on improving data capture applications to enhance quality and timely outputs from its data sources, that are currently experiencing problems with their processing systems.

selected key economic indicators
Value Latest
National Accounts    
Gross Domestic Product (current prices) per capita 2,851 2007
Gross Domestic Product (constant prices) per capita 2,515 2007
Consumer Price Index    
Total Index 117.61 Sep 07
% Index Change on Previous Quarter 2.2 Sep 07
Labour Market    
Number of persons employed 10141 1999
Number of persons unemployed 4536 1999
Unemployment rate 30.9 1999
Unemployment rate, 15 - 24 year olds 12.3 1999
Central Government Finance    
Revenue (current) FY - USD'000 94,800 2006
Expenditure (current) FY - USD'000 78,900 2006
Balance - USD'000 6,400 2006
Government Debt    
Total Government Debt - USD'000 99,300 2006